South African Hunting Safaris

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Leopard's Valley Lodge

Our lodge is a 200 year old converted farmstead, situated in the Central Karoo Region, that has been in our family’s care for 6 generations.

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Our selection of accommodation in the majestic Mozambique includes Catapu Lodge, Muanza Lodge, Mupa Lodge and Sena Lodge.

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Our Packages

Leopard’s Valley Safaris offers custom-made packages to suit your requirements.

What Our Guests Say

"Next to heaven, this is the greatest place in the world! Thanks Nikki and Dave."

~ Jim Haselton

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"We experienced a very professional hunt here with great stalking for Impala, Mountain Reedbuck and Springbuck. A lot of memories through the scope! Thanks a lot!"

~ Hampus Stigbrand

South African Hunting Safaris Image

"Great hunt, great hospitality and beautiful setting. Thanks for opening your home to us."

~ David Foster

South African Hunting Safaris Image

"So glad to return 2 years in a row. Great to be back with Dave and Nikki. Another excellent adventure with wonderful people!"

~ Martin Connaughton

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"Our 10 day hunt was a dream come true. On day #1 we took 9 quality animals, with the remaining days just as great. Dave, Craig and Nikki made this our hunt of a lifetime. We had many “firsts” that made our adventure here extremely rewarding."

~ Earl and Mark Peterson

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"What a great time at Leopard’s Valley. Even though the weather didn’t cooperate, we had a wonderful vacation that we will remember forever."

~ Richardson Family

South African Hunting Safaris Image

"Had a wonderful time!! Couldn’t have asked for a better safari."

~ Jacob and Sarah Long

South African Hunting Safaris Image

"Thanks to Dave, Craig, Nikki and crew for a fantastic hunt. A dream come true! I cannot say enough about how amazing the trip was. Nikki fed us like kings and we were treated like family!"

~ Criess Family

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"This trip was life changing not only because of what we saw and hunted, but also because we now have family we love across the ocean. Can’t say enough about the hunt. Craig knows these camps and animals like the back of his hand. Already planning my next trip in my mind, and will bring the boys along. Thanks for a lifetime of memories during the last 7 days. Dave and Nikki, you should be proud of your outfit. Outstanding hospitality!"

~ Bill and Riki Karolyi

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"First, we have to say what a wonderful family. As soon as you get here you are part of it. We had such a wonderful time. Each day was different than the next and the hunting was amazing. Dave worked so hard and knew exactly what to do, and Nikki made each meal so great that your tastebuds couldn’t wait until the next. We love Matthew and Bradley and will miss them all so much. What an honor to meet them all."

~ Dave and Diane Bernd

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"Dave and Nikki, thanks for the wonderful week. Outstanding hunting, excellent food, good laughs, love your sons! This has been everything that we could have hoped for. JK was great. Hope that we can hunt with all of you again soon."

~ Doug and Barb Nystrom

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"We came in pursuit of African game, but found so much more. The majestic and breathtaking sights and sounds of Africa have stirred our hearts and imaginations. This has been nothing short of awesome! We are indebted to Nikki and Dave for the marvellous adventure!"

~ Ross and Ruth Heilman

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"Great family!! Fantastic guides, accommodations and food top notch!"

~ Cheek Family

South African Hunting Safaris Image

"This hunt was a true African adventure with 2 clients who have been over many times. It was hard hunting with tricky wind and a superior PH, Craig. It was a management hunt – 110 Springbuck + 5 Zebra taken, and a lot of territory covered. Having a beautiful hostess who is a gourmet cook was a treat! Dave is a delightful host. We have had a great time, and hope to come back. We also enjoyed Bradley and Matthew."

~ Walter Dennison and Dennis Wygocki

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"Second trip was as memorable as the first. Brought my 11 year old son this time, and will have memories to last forever. I cannot say enough about the outfit the Davenports run. Top Notch! And I will be back in 2015!"

~ Bill Karolyi

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"Great hunting, scenery, food and hospitality! Thank you everyone at Leopard’s Valley, what a wonderful adventure. We hope to come back."

~ Brian and Stephenie Murray

South African Hunting Safaris Image

"The hunting was incredible! We’ll be back! WOW! Thank you for the wonderful hospitality! What a wonderful family! It was honour to attend Matthew’s first rugby match! I thoroughly enjoyed Matthew and Bradley’s company, they are precious! Thank you for the awesome meals, the good laughs and the great memories. Nikki and Dave, you are the BEST! It was a wonderful adventure!"

~ Bruce Borden and Joanna Roga

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"A great hunting adventure! A great everything! Thank you to everyone involved."

~ Mark Lee

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"Hey to my fellow Canadians!! I have never worked harder or longer on a hunt, nor enjoyed a hunt more than I did this week. Craig is a fabulous PH and a taskmaster! The food has been excellent, Dave and Nikki are wonderful hosts. This is my second trip to Africa, after my previous trip to Namibia went sideways. Leopard’s Valley Safaris made me a believer!"

~ Martin Fischer

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"Having a great time. Dave, Nikki and the boys are a wonderful family. Nikki is amazing with all that she does and is a very good cook. Hunting was excellent. We have enjoyed our stay!!"

~ John and Patricia Budde

South African Hunting Safaris Image

"I have made several international hunts-none as great as this one. Many animals, good food, staff and guides. They could remove a few rocks from the roads..ha ha ha"

~ Dean Retzleff

South African Hunting Safaris Image

"An A+ experience. I had the graciously offered opportunity to visit with the Davenports-not a hunt, but a visit with “internet” friends, since I was already 1 and a half hours away on a different ranch. Boy!!! What a great time- a wonderful family – lots of game viewing and a bit of baboon culling-one even charged and was killed by Dave at 5 feet. I will round up some guys and be back to get a big Kudu. Food, accommodation, game – all was 5 star."

~ Ernest Gilbert ”Judge G

South African Hunting Safaris Image