South African Hunting Safaris

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Leopard's Valley Lodge

Our lodge is a 200 year old converted farmstead, situated in the Central Karoo Region, that has been in our family’s care for 6 generations.

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Our selection of accommodation in the majestic Mozambique includes Catapu Lodge, Muanza Lodge, Mupa Lodge and Sena Lodge.

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Our Packages

Leopard’s Valley Safaris offers custom-made packages to suit your requirements.

Hunters Care

Hunts of a Lifetime

We are also involved in donating to Hunts of a Lifetime.  We hosted Alyx and her mom, Missy from Minneosta, who were selected by Hunts of a lifetime to come and hunt a kudu with us.  Alyx is a keen outdoors man, but with medical costs soaring, a trip to Africa was completely out of the question. So we were honoured to be able to give her this opportunity to make her hunting dreams come true.  Even with Alyx’s special medical needs, we managed to get her close to a mature kudu bull in a walk and stalk fashion.  We also took them to local national parks, where they could take in the sights and sounds of Africa.  It was an absolute  privilege to meet someone like Alyx and to be encouraged by her drive in the face of adversity.

School Fundraiser

For the last 3 years Leopard’s Valley safaris has been donating hunts to support our local school fundraiser.  This is the main fundraiser for this school, and has brought in over $20 000 every year.  It is a wonderful concept, and is very much like a Safari Club International  fundraiser.  Hunts are auctioned off, artwork is sold as well as many other wonderful items.  All  of which is donated towards this event.

Rhino Conservation

Every year we try to sell a rhino experience.  Where we get a foreign hunter to donate time and money to fund the darting of a local rhino that requires medical treatment or a basic check up. This can be anything from de-horning, DNA samples, pregnancy testing, or just a basic health check.   The funds are used to hire a helicopter and a local vet to dart the rhino.  Once all check ups are done, we take some photos of the benefactors.  All excess funds are then donated by the landowner and rhino owner to the local hospice, to help people in need.  Truly showing the benefits that hunters contribute to local conservation of threatened species, not by word alone, but by deed.   We are very proud to be part of this rhino initiative.