South African Hunting Safaris

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Leopard's Valley Lodge

Our lodge is a 200 year old converted farmstead, situated in the Central Karoo Region, that has been in our family’s care for 6 generations.

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Our selection of accommodation in the majestic Mozambique includes Catapu Lodge, Muanza Lodge, Mupa Lodge and Sena Lodge.

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Our Packages

Leopard’s Valley Safaris offers custom-made packages to suit your requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Travel Arrangements, Permits, Etc.:

Q- Do I need a visa to visit South Africa?
A- Only a passport is required.

Q- Do I need a permit for guns and ammo?
A-  See TRAVEL INFO – Rifle imports.  We will supply you with the necessary documents to apply for a temporary import permit for your weapons, valid for the duration of your stay. This document needs to be presented to the security services at customs. We will also supply you with a copy of our professional hunters license, as well as a copy of our Outfitters license, and a letter of invitation to hunt with us. These documents must be produced at Johannesburg International Airport or Cape Town Airport, customs. Please bring a proof of purchase or ownership document with your firearm.

Q- Do I need to take any special medical precautions?
A- No we are a malaria and bilharzia free area and have access to professional medical facilities within half an hour. You need only bring your personal medical needs.

Q- Do I need any special license to hire a motor vehicle?
A- A passport and current drivers license is all that is required. A Guide will collect you at the airport and tours can be arranged prior or after your hunt.

Q- Should I change foreign currency on entering the country?
A- Yes, you will need some money for porters and personal purchases.  For the best rates, draw money from a local ATM using your debit/credit card.  Make sure that your bank knows that you will be in South Africa and have them issue you a PIN so that you are able to use your card at an ATM. Otherwise credit cards are widely accepted.  We however, do not have credit card facilities.

Q- How do I get to you?
A- We have two international airports - Johannesburg and Cape Town. At Johannesburg or Cape Town you will clear customs (see TRAVEL INFO page) and then fly domestically  to Port Elizabeth. This is an hour and 40 minute flight. Your professional hunter will meet and greet you at the Port Elizabeth airport and drive you to the lodge, which is a 2 and a half hour drive.

Q- Is there a charge for transportation to and from the airport?
A- There is no charge for pick up and drop off at the Port Elizabeth airport, or unless otherwise arranged.

Q- What do the guides normally get tipped?
A- This is always a tricky question. A tip is payment for personal service and revolves around how hard your guide worked for you to make your hunt successful. Normally work on 10% of the total hunt cost or $50 to $100 per day for your guide, $10 per day for your trackers and skinners and a $100 for the other kitchen and camp staff to share per hunter.


Q- When is the hunting season?
A- We hunt all year round.  Our best months are from April through to the end of September; these are our cooler winter months. Not much rain is experienced during this time. Although the best time is when you're free!

Q- What weapon should I bring?
A- (a) For plains game the 300 winmag or Weatherby Mag, 30-06, or 7mm Magnum is ideal for all plains game.
(b) 243 and 25-06 are fine for Springbuck and other small game, but too small for Kudu or Gemsbuck.
(c) The 375 H+H or the 340 WBY are way over gunned for plains game and fit in with Buffalo.

Q- What ammo. and bullets are suitable?
A- Hornady, Speer, Sierra, Core Lochs and Power Point soft points are fine. Trophy Bonded, Barnes X, or Nosler Partitions are preferred. Please no Military Solids!

Q- How much ammo. do I need?
A- 40 to 60 rounds is more than adequate. You are allowed to bring 200 rounds per rifle.  Ammo can also be purchased locally if necessary.

Q- What scope?
A- 4x on up to 3-9 or 4-10 is plenty.

Q- Bipods?
A- If you have one, by all means bring it along.

Q- May I use camouflage clothing to hunt?
A- Camouflage clothing is legal and accepted in South Africa. By all means use it.

Q- How long will the hunting shots be?
A- Between 100 and 300 yards, the average being just over a 150 yards.

Q- How do we travel while on the hunt?
A- A fully equipped 4 x 4 vehicle is used to get us around and to spot game, thereafter we walk and stalk.

Q- Do we eat the game we shoot?
A- Yes! Much of the game is prepared in different outstanding ways. Adding to the experience of the hunt. But lamb and beef can never be ignored.

Q- Is a 10 day hunt 10 full days of hunting, or does that include the day of arrival and departure?
A- A 10 day hunt means 10 hunting days excludes arrival and departure. Therefore a 10 day hunt is 11 nights at Leopard’s Valley Safaris and 12 days in our care!

Q- What if I finish my package in 7 days?
A- You may continue hunting from our list price and shoot 90% of our animals without pre approved permits.  We can also keep you entertained for the remainder of your stay with a trip to the Park and other sight seeing.  Tours can also be arranged. 

Q-What can my wife do if she comes along?
A-Your wife can join us in the field, which is really a personally guided photographic safari in itself.  She can also choose to be taken on a personal tour of nearby Nature Parks, National Parks, Historic sights and other places of interest in adjacent town. There is always much to see and do and game Parks to visit. We have a touring pricelist available. 

Health and Safety:

Q- Is it safe to travel to South Africa?
A- Yes! We have just been voted one of the safest destinations in the world. There is absolutely no terrorism and the wonderful climate, friendly people and favourable exchange rate make this country a favoured travel destination.

Q- Do I need to take any special medical precautions?
A- No, we are a malaria and bilharzia free area and have access to professional medical facilities within a short period of time. You need only bring your personal medical needs. South Africa did do the first heart transplant.

Q- Is the water safe for drinking?
A- Yes the water is safe.  We have a water well that we use to supply the lodge, we have had this tested and it qualifies for mineral water standards. We also supply bottled water on all occasions.

Q- What about poisonous snakes?
A-Yes we do have some poisonous snakes. Fortunately however, they are hibernating during the time of the year that hunting takes place and it is extremely rare to even see one. Your Guide will normally be up front to ward off all creepy crawlies.